Thursday, October 25, 2007

Development sketch

A development sketch. Not sure who's layout drawing I worked from.

Monday, October 8, 2007

back after long absence

Explosive greasy bones

Two old colour keys from a tv series; top is unmistakably from a design drawing by Ted Bastien and the bottom one probably is too. My director, in the full sense of the word on this project as he's a superb painter and had a specific vision for the show, was John Van Bruggan.

Two of the streets

From layout drawings by Pasquale LaMontagna.

House interiors

Layouts by Pasquale LaMontagna.

Three simple

Three simple bgs for a promo I worked on a bit over a year ago. The layouts may or may not be Andrew Short's; the whole idea was Andrews though.

Four more digital

Four more digital images from within the last year, reposted after taking them off . They were just directionless experimentation for my own purposes.

Two more

New old scans

Old work from television series from way back. Ted Bastien would probably have done the location designs that I painted from.


This stuff posted earlier this year I think when I spent a bit of time trying to do some digital painting that looked painterly. I took it down when I reorganised the blog to have large pages with portfolios of work, and want to put it back. Because it is recent, it is reposted here.


A couple of street scenes from Germany in the 1930's; very strange to have to paint a background with a swastika in it. But that was then, and this is now. Layouts by Pasquale LaMontagna.


Two goauche colour sketches from the early '90's. This wasn't 'my show', I was helping in a crunch for the artist who had developed the look of it, Derek Holmes, along with the Art Director (and Director, I think) John Halfpenny. I'm not sure who did the layouts, or rather location designs for this.

Interior of a house

Three interior bgs; layouts by Pasquale LaMontagne.


Some bg work from the spring done for Chuck Gammage Animation Inc. Layouts by Pasquale LaMontagna. Director John Halfpenny and the Assistant Director Firas Momani.