Monday, December 1, 2008

Hello, Goodbye.

Hello. I've just put together a website again. Things certainly have changed since I 'made' my last one, now defunct, by cutting and pasting html text. At the recommendation of friend and artist Gretchan Markle I took a look at what had to offer, found a template that I liked, and started messing with a trial copy of their 'simple and elegant' offerings. It's a hundred bucks a year which includes tech support (doubtful even a tech half-wit like myself will ever need it), use of their server, and domain name. Uploading and maintaining the site is no more more complicated than blogging. Anyway, I recommend the product highly so far, so if anyone else out there is considering a website do check them out at the above link. You can check out my website at:

Goodbye. I can't manage all these blogs and a website, so I'm going to stop posting here. Thanks for visiting over the past couple of years. If I do any half decent animation bgs or work that are worth posting I'll put them here at my watercolour painting and drawing blog which will be the only one that I keep. I'll probably post a portfolio of animation work on my website eventually. Love and intercontinental ballistic kisses, Clive