Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I just got a hello on one of my other blogs from Dave Pemberton who has just started blogging; lovely to see a bit of what he's up to with drawing and painting. Have'nt seen him for years, he was directing for years at Nelvana, and seems to be doing story art now. I'm pretty sure Dave directed some of this show I worked on many many years ago, and may have been assistant director for a period too; I think I remember getting direction and approvals from him as well as John Van Bruggan. Dave, if I recall correctly, seemed to impishly have a lot to do with one of the funniest sequences in the series which involved the hero and villain having a duel of sorts to see who could do the most risky and dangerous activity. It was hilarious; running with scissors, operating heavy machinary while taking cough medicine etc...escalating until finally the villain trumped the hero by leaping into a meat grinder and coming out the other end in tins of meat. I vaguely recall John or someone wondering how on earth they got away with the sequence on a fairly tame little children's show. Pretty sure every one of the design drawings for these colour sketches were by Ted Bastien, and you can just see hints of his lovely drawing coming through some of the hastily painted scenes.

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